Thursday, January 1, 2015


Greetings and welcome to Cinemusing!  I’m Brian Johnson, a wannabe director, and as I write this, I am pretty much a total nobody.  And frankly, I don’t care if I stay a nobody for the rest of my life – I just want to make movies!  And this is where I will be chronicling my adventures in film production, whatever they may be, as well as discussing random aspects of the creation and artistry of films.  On occasion I will include essays on films that intrigue me beyond merely reviewing them like a critic.

I have long had a dream to see “Directed by Brian Johnson” on a movie screen, a real theater movie screen somewhere.  Limited release, wide release, I don’t care.  And it has to be a feature-length production: Short films are nice and all, and I have even seen two of my short films projected on movie screens at film festivals, but I want to direct a feature film someday.

I hope to have captivating material to include here shortly, as I have a New Year’s Resolution to produce one new short film per quarter of the year.  And I hope you’ll stick around, as an encouraging fan, or as a newbie film maker yourself who wants to learn from someone else’s mistakes, or as a seasoned veteran who can point me in the right direction when needed.

So here we go!

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